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Hey, I’m Nathaniel, and I’m the guy behind Designate Studio.

My goal is to help you break your own barriers to discover your passion and your creative voice through lettering.

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On My Blog: Overcoming Creative Struggles

Channel Your Fears into Dreams

Channel Your Fears into Dreams

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To tell you the truth, I’m always afraid. I fear that I’m just wasting my time and that I cannot reach my potential. I fear that I’m not doing enough…

Lettering Tools for Every Day Carry - @nathanielong

Lettering Tools for Every Day Carry

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Wherever I go, I always bring a set of pens with me. Here are the list of pens that I bring with my in my every day carry bag. There…

Strength in Letters

How I Started Lettering and Calligraphy

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Lettering and calligraphy have their roots in drawing and writing. Looking back, how did I fare, and how did I progress from then? Drawing and writing in my earlier years…

Lettering Work

seasons greetings mockup

Seasons Greetings Christmas Printable Card (Etsy)

November 12, 2015

One North Mockup

One North Logo

October 6, 2015

FED Logo Mockup

Franklin Diric Logo

October 6, 2015

Fathers Day 2015 5x7 Mockup

Fathers’ Day Downloadable Greeting Card (Etsy)

June 10, 2015


Zazu’s Sweet Theory

June 3, 2015